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Desirable Diversion

Katherine S. Cunanan
June 28, 2018        |

A Flagship Car Like No Other

DBS Superleggera

Photos by Aston Martin Press

Aston Martin, luxury automotive company, has released a true thoroughbred marking the collaboration of two fantastic names in one magnificent Super GT: the DBS Superleggera. The DBS dates back to 1967 and Touring’s mark – the Superleggera – shall once again be seen on the bonnet of an Aston Martin. The collaboration pays homage to the famous Italian coachbuilder. They made a name for themselves through their super lightweight construction technology.

Aston Martin gives us a car that is a cut above the rest in the DBS Superleggera. The sculpted carbon fiber body has a sleek and elegant look, and is matched perfectly with the Aston Martin’s 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12. The DBS Superleggera has big shoes to fill (or tracks to follow, if you will), as it is the British marque’s Super GT flagship, taking over for the Vanquish S. It rises to the challenge, as it can go from 0 to 62mph in a mere 3.4 seconds, and 0 to 100mph in 6.4 seconds. The power comes from the 725PS, 900Nm of torque.

While the DBS Superleggera proudly follows the Aston Martin reputation with its modern design and improved engineering, it also sets itself apart with its aggression and athleticism. This car doesn’t just look good (and believe me, it looks amazing – the sleek curves, the delicious angles, the impressive front grill… I could go on and on), it drives fabulously.

The aerodynamic concepts in use on the DBS Superleggera were first implemented on the DB11. The curlicue and the Aeroblade worked well in the DB11, so they were also put to good use with the newest release. The addition of an F1-inspired double-diffuser means that the DBS Superleggera can generate 180kg of downforce. More impressive is that the increase doesn’t create any additional drag. Thank the superior minds at Aston Martin for that.

The DBS Superleggera is high-performance at is best, combined with the refinement and civility that supports the car’s role as the consummate Super GT. The car features a rear-mounted ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. The chassis is a lightweight bonded aluminum structure, again employed from the DB11. The powertrain and the chassis offer three dynamic modes to suit the driver – GT, Sport, and Sport Plus. The car adjusts to your desire.

The expected features are present in the DBS Superleggera – keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, and a 360-degree camera for Parking Distance Display and Park Assist. The audio system leaves nothing to chance as it has the DAB plus Bluetooth audio and phone streaming. A central dial helps you control the infotainment systems with ease.

The craftsmanship and personalization options are many. The supple leather and Alcantara upholstery, in addition to the Sports Plus performance seats and steering wheel, make the car a joy to be in. The car looks fantastic and feels fantastic too. As Aston Martin President & Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andy Palmer said: “DBS Superleggera not only marks the return of a great Aston Martin name, but signals our return to the very pinnacle of the Super GT sector. Handsome beyond measure, its lightweight carbon composite and aluminium body is sculpted into a shape with tremendous presence and charisma. Thanks to the remarkable torque available from its twin-turbo V12, DBS Superleggera also packs a breath-taking punch, yet its dynamics have been carefully honed to engage drivers of all ability levels. Immaculately styled, obsessively engineered and outrageously potent, the new DBS Superleggera is every inch the Aston Martin flagship.”


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