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Desirable Diversion

Brian M. Afuang
July 22, 2019        |

Check Out Porsche Design’s A/W2019 Collection

The pieces are “driving-inspired”

“DRIVING-inspired” is how Porsche Design describes its newly launched autumn/winter 2019 collection. The brand is right, too; for starters it uses the seatbelt from Porsche sports cars as accents in most of the pieces.

The metallic, slightly shiny material used for seatbelts now finds its way in a Porsche Design collection. The logos on jacket sleeves are made of this, as are the underlay of the Storm Proof Thermal Bomber Jacket and Ombre Lightweight Jacket. It also appears as added details on other items.

Porsche Design
Porsche Design
Porsche Design
Porsche Design
Porsche Design
Porsche Design
Porsche Design

Another automotive touch lent to the A/W 2019 pieces are the classical designs Porsche uses for car seats. Included here are Pepita, herringbone and the houndstooth patterns, as well as quilt — the Diamond Quilt Airlift Jacket flaunts this — and TecFlex. The materials are interpreted both as style accents and as structural components. Of course, leather figures prominently in the seasons’ collection. The TecFlex MotoX Jacket and aviator Leather Bomber Jacket, both with detachable fur collars and seatbelt underlays, lead the hide-lavished items.

Regardless of material though, what Porsche Design has done to boost the latest collection’s automotive theme is opt for a technical look, achieved by mixing together matte and glossy textures, incorporating some graphic elements, and contrasting asphalt, black, white, navy and gray tones with vivid blue. Meanwhile, some of the darker colors like mahogany and green allow the collection a definitive masculine feel. And while generally relaxed, the outfits are sleek enough to be business-like while remaining casual.

Along with the outerwear, Porsche Design’s A/W2019 collection includes accessories, bags, eyewear, footwear and even men’s jewelry.

Drivers, these are for you.


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