August 31, 2022    |    

The New Tudor Pelagos 39

Dive deep, stay elegant

Tudor just launched another piece that is already drawing attention, this time in the Pelagos dive watch line.

The Pelagos 39 is, as indicated by the name, a 39mm watch. But the size doesn’t tell all. A Grade 2 Titanium case makes it lighter, and 11.8mm thickness should make it more wearable for more wrists. Plus, and this is a bigger deal than many realize, it is a No Date watch.

This watch is, as Tudor says, really meant to inhabit more worlds. It isn’t just a tough technical 200 meter dive watch, but more a piece that can move more seamlessly between work and play, between tool and look. It has the MT5400 calibre so it is what they call weekend-proof. But the watch is meant to be worn straight through. The case is satin-brushed which can act as a nice background to shinier portions like the Sunday satin finish ceramic insert on the unidirectional rotating bezel. This all goes well with the sun ray satin finish lack of the dial. It of course has “snowflake” hands.

The Palagos FXD is a wonderful shape for a case, one flowing piece. However it is a technical piece and not meant for everyone.
The Palagos 39 case is quite flexible and usable by a wider variety of people. The rubber strap also includes titanium links so it is a very smooth look and feel.

Where does this fit into the current Tudor line-up? We love the Pelagos line, and the case of the Pelagos FXD is a shapely work of art but one that some find a bit unwieldy. The new Pelagos 59 brings in the technical prowess of the diving history but in a more wearable, more versatile form. It is a more elegant choice, perhaps, that will appeal to more people.

The watch comes with a fully satin-brushed titanium bracelet that uses the TUDOR “T-Fit” Clasp for quick length adjustment. It also has a 25-mm bracelet extension function in case you really do go tech diving with it and need to fit it over a wetsuit. A second strap of black rubber, with a titanium pin buckle, also comes with the watch, and it has titanium end links which are a nice touch some often forget when going aftermarket. It also has an extension piece if needed.

The Tudor Black Bay Pro launched earlier this year is an excellent example of subtlety and elegance and individuality in a functional tool watch.

Tudor has launched several crowd-pleasers this year, from the Ranger field watch to the already hard to get Black Bay Pro. The new Pelagos 39 is just another way of making sure there is a proper Tudor for every wrist and desire.


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