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Desirable Diversion

Dominique Cerqueda
August 19, 2017        |

New Varius Peter Marino Limited Edition

A dream collaboration between Caran d’Ache and American architect/artist Peter Marino bring elegance, boldness, and innovation.

The cap is topped by a silver-plated, rhodium-coated skull with black onyx eyes, reminiscent of the many rings adorning Peter Mariano's fingers. The cap also bears Peter Mariano's signature


A dream collaboration between Caran d’Ache and American architect/artist Peter Marino brings together the Geneva-based company’s elegance, boldness, and innovation with the designer’s contemporary artistic creativity in a magical fusion of worlds to produce the new VARIUS PETER MARINO LIMITED EDITION.

The new Varius Peter Marino limited edition is available in two versions, reflecting the innovative spirit of Caran d’Ache since its founding in 1915, and the internationally renowned American architect Peter Marino’s love of space, and light and noble materials. Through these exceptional writing instruments, Caran d’Ache explores the codes of art, design, and fashion. Sophisticated elegance, perfect lines, unbridled creativity, and timeless comfort emphasize these tailor-made models.

“I use the Varius pens to sketch architecture,” Peter Marino states, being a great fan of this emblematic Caran d’Ache collection, which is at the very heart of his creative process. Caran d’Ache then gave this star architect “carte blanche” to design the Varius in his own style. With this limited edition, Marino has perfected a design that is simultaneously modern, surprising and trendy, echoing the architectural features he creates for the world’s leading fashion houses. He also lends the Varius a touch of his own rock style, which together with Caran d’Ache, reinvent the synergies between design, comfort, and exclusive materials.

In the Varius Peter Marino limited edition models, the architect’s creativity plays with the established frameworks as he describes the pen as “…inspired by a combination of high-performance motorcycle aesthetics with my own personal style.” His rock style blends seamlessly with these unique writing instruments, which are a perfect fit for the man’s resolutely modern personality.

The bodies of these Haute Ecriture instruments are clothed in Harrison calf leather, carefully crafted to ensure unprecedented comfort.

Two Limited Pieces: Varius Peter Marino
and Varius Peter Marino – Special Edition

The Varius Peter Marino-Special Edition reflects the star architect’s unique style with predominant leather combined with hand-lacing, which allows all the personality of the fountain and roller pens in this collection to shine through. The cap, which bears Peter Marino’s signature, is topped with a silver and rhodium-coated skull with black onyx eyes, reminiscent of the numerous rings worn by Peter Marino himself. The nib is made from 18-carat, rhodium-plated solid gold, and the Caran d’Ache hexagon is engraved at the center of the nib. The body of these Haute Encriture instruments is closed in Harrison calf leather, carefully crafted to ensure maximum comfort, as handmade lacing goes through rhodium and silver-coated eyelets. The generic numbering, 1/150, refers to the address of the architect’s studio in Manhattan: 150 East 58 Street.

The Varius Peter Marino model is also adorned in leather, worked to offer unprecedented comfort. It is available as a fountain pen, roller pen, and ballpoint pen. In a tip of the hat to the world of fashion, a fine grey seam adorns the entire length of the instrument. The rhodium, silver-coated cap carries Peter Marino’s signature along with a unique, delicately engraved limited edition number, which pays homage to the date on which the architect established his first studio in New York: 1/1978 (one out of 1,978).

Peter Marino has asserted his incisive style and contemporary vision of space, while calling on the unique know-how of the master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache to create luxury-writing instruments and a limited edition boldly reflecting the worlds of fashion and design.


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