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Desirable Diversion

Katherine S. Cunanan
August 15, 2018        |

Heart in the Write Place

A partnership for the world’s children

Montblanc is recognized as one of the premiere authorities on writing instruments, or as some say, works of art. Montblanc has brought us breakthrough innovations and not just in pens, either. They offer luxury writing instruments, of course, but they also offer timepieces, leather goods, accessories, fragrances, and even eyewear. The Maison artisans are the best of the best, whether from Hamburg, Germany for the writing instruments, the Swiss Jura for the timepieces, or Florence, Italy for the leather goods.

But the Montblanc heart belongs to writing. And it seems their heart is in the right, or write, place too. They not only bring beauty to the world via their writing creations, but they bring education to the children of the world via their partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). UNICEF has programs across the globe to champion the needs of the child. They are committed to children and they focus their help on those who need it the most.

Since 2004, Montblanc has partnered with UNICEF in support of the fantastic goal of giving children access to education, which is meant to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. Education is the key to a better future, and the $10 million dollars raised by the Maison has surely made a difference in the lives of children. The latest Montblanc for UNICEF collection, launched in late 2017, has added more than $1 million dollars to that amount.

Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO, says, “While Montblanc continues to be deeply engaged in its shared mission with UNICEF to give more children the opportunity to learn to read and write, we are grateful and humbled to see the level of support we have received from customers who have chosen to generously contribute to the work of UNICEF in communities around the world with the purchase of a piece that carries true purpose.”

The pen is a beautiful work of art, crafted by master artisans, and features six handwritten characters, one each from six different alphabets. The blue and silver combination is simply beautiful, and you’ll feel a joy in your heart knowing you are making a child, somewhere across the globe, better equipped for a brighter future.

While education is a fundamental human right, there are millions of school-age children who are out of school. And unfortunately, specially in some areas, those children who are in school are not learning at the expected standard rate. Reading and mathematics skill rates are below standards due to the poor quality of education. Montblanc and UNICEF are committed to the improvement of learning by allotting the funds raised by their partnership to following factors of education: pedagogy (the theory and practice of teaching and the influence on learning), reading and writing, the learning environment (not just the physical classroom but also the attitude and behaviour of the teachers), community involvement, measuring of learning outcomes, and most importantly, teacher training programmes.

The current target countries for this partnership are China, Brazil, and Djibouti. The Montblanc contributions are aimed at specific goals in each country, with the umbrella goal of making the lives and futures of children better through education. “Education is both a fundamental human right and a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage for individuals, families and countries. When all children have access to a quality and equitable education from an early age through adolescence, a ripple effect of opportunity is created that influences current and future generations. Partners like Montblanc help us provide access to quality education for boys and girls. Together we are committed to ensuring that all children – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or circumstances – realize their right to access quality education in a safe and conducive environment with teaching and learning tools and processes that support their needs,” says Gary Stahl, Director of Private Fundraising and Partnerships, UNICEF.

With a beautiful Montblanc for UNICEF writing instrument in your hand, you know you’ll have your heart in the right place too.


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