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The New TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 - Porsche Edition

There were two very interesting key questions that were asked or comments that were made when people saw the new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 – Porsche Edition watch on my social media feed.

The first comment was, wow that’s a very good looking watch.

The next comment was, E4? Well it looks like they’re doing quite well doesn’t it.

This says two different things. First it says that TAG Heuer is making watches and watch faces that are appealing to the more knowledgeable enthusiast as well as the main stream. And second is that people are keeping track of how long smart watches stay around.

We have seen that the TAG Heuer strategy for their Connected watches is to keep true to the horological codes and DNA that have made the company what they are. Classic design, quality finishing, and because the company was always kind of forward-thinking in the watchmaking world, adoption of new technologies.

Patrick Dempsey - actor, race car driver and TAG Heuer brand ambassador
Heuer Monaco worn by Steve McQueen while filming his iconic racing film, Le Mans (1971) hammered for a record-breaking $2,208,000 at the Phillips RACING PULSE auction in New York City.
Connected Calibre E4

This new special edition watch, launched August 11 in Seoul at the FIA Formula E Hana Bank Seoul E Prix, is an excellent example of how they combine the past and the future for their products of today.

Connected Calibre E4
Porsche Taycan

The new watch has a look inspired by the electric sports cars of their motorsports partner Porsche. The face has what they are calling a frozen blue look that takes inspiration from the astounding all-electric Porsche Taycan but also from the advanced controls that Porsche drivers are used to having at their control. TAG Heuer has taken the collaboration with the storied racing legend to a whole new level. If you own a compatible Porsche vehicle, there are special complications at your fingertips via the watch face. There are currently four such complications available. You can check battery levels on your all-electric or hybrid, You can check range, you can control certain vehicle functions such as air conditioning and heating, you can check total mileage driven. Now Porsche recently announced that they are building in the ability to update their cars as they grow and use new and better technologies and software, and we are all already used to seeing more functions on our phones and smart gadgets. We hope to see more here as well.

Connected Calibre E4

The minutes-as-indices face of the new Connected Calibre E4 – Porsche Edition has a dial that draws from the imagery of circuitry, interesting and subtle. You still though have the ability to choose from other TAG Heuer Connected Watch faces if you have a favorite. That special Porsche face, though, only comes with this watch.

The system uses a customized version of Google’s Wear OS system so the usual flexibility of a smart watch is available. How has this new watch progressed? Compred to the older models, it has a brighter screen with better contrast and improved battery life. TAG Heuer says you should enjoy a full day’s use on one charge with moderate use.

Connected Calibre E4

In terms of the “watchiness” of the watch, all the standard horological codes apply. It uses a 45mm Black DLC titanium grade 2 sandblasted case with a polished ceramic bezel with frozen blue and grey lacquer details and is water resistant to 50 meters. It has a carbon-like black calfskin strap with a black rubber base and a black DLC titanium clasp.

One area that TAG Heuer focused on with previous Connected watches is their use in sports and athletics. The Porsche Edition may be motorsports-themed but it still stays true to that form. They even factor in exercise for what they consider a full day from one charge. One full day includes an hour and a half of running and two hours walking, including Wellness. Or a 5 hour round of golf, also including Wellness.

Is this an exciting new watch? Yes. Though anything TAG Heuer x Porsche will be exciting. The new Porsche Edition mechanical watches are good watches on their own and the Porsche collaboration just makes them better. The historic link between the two brands can be seen everywhere from racetracks and racecars to the big and small screens. The new Connected Calibre E4 – Porsche Edition is an interesting and somewhat unexpected jump, but an exciting one yes.


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