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Desirable Diversion

Karlo Tatad
November 16, 2017        |

Passions in Commune

Photos by Randy Silva-Netto

Lovers of horology are essentially, lovers of craftsmanship. Whether they speak of FP Journe, Georg Materna, or Mike Masuyama, they are drawn to a mastery that is both visible and uncommon. This appreciation for craft is what makes the magazine’s Parallel Passions segment so very well-received. It is also what encouraged Calibre to host the 2017 Fountain Pen Day celebrations, at Commune Café+Bar in Makati.

Stylophiles had their fill, for sure. Scribe Writing Essentials showcased pens from Sailor, Platinum, Visconti, Aurora, and Montegrappa. Everything Calligraphy carried Franklin-Christoph and Pilot. Pengrafik brought over Wahl Eversharps, Karas Kustoms, and Desideratas. The Curious Artisan had a delightful assortment of antique ink wells and vintage ephemera for sale. But pens were not the sole point of interest that day.

Bags by Rubbertree made a rare Makati appearance, with a wide range of their artfully handmade pieces in tow. Gearheads gathered around Hobbiestock’s display of highly detailed car models. Horology Matters walked people through mod parts and straps, including the Erika’s Originals collab to celebrate Calibre’s 100th issue. Aqua Design Amano shattered any preconceptions people had about aquariums by showing aquatic environments that enchant and mesmerize.

In the background, pen people were asking the nearest WIS about King and Grand Seikos. Watch nuts queried nib techs on stubs and cursive italics. Leather hounds explored iron gall and shimmertastics. Everyone dove not just into the familiar, but into fresh waters where other expressions of craft thrive. The pitch never seemed to drop. Even as the time for egress arrived.

Passion helps craft the articles we chase, but it isn’t just objects that should kindle our excitement. The bonds we forge, and the communities we build, are what make our passions truly worth fueling. Calibre is thankful to see such bright fires blaze on a gray, rainy, Saturday afternoon.


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