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June 7, 2019    |    

Bvlgari, for a worthy cause

Luxury brand celebrates 10th year with Save the Children

THE goal is to raise $100 million — ambitious, even the exponents admit — but Bvlgari and Save the Children, the London-headquartered international organization dedicated to improving the lives of the youth through better education, health care and livelihood, are quite determined to achieve it.

Fact is, both entities find the fundraiser a worthy pursuit as they mark their 10th year of partnership. Save the Children, for its part, is celebrating its 100th anniversary (the organization was founded in the UK in April 1919). Major milestones beget major goals, apparently.


The way Bvlgari has been generating funds through the last decade is by putting out a special line of jewelry pieces. To date sales of Bvlgari’s Save the Children jewelry collection have helped raise almost $90 million globally. Save the Children invests the funds on improving education, youth empowerment efforts and development of livelihood skills.

On this 10th anniversary milestone Bvlgari is aiming to round total donations to $100 million within a year.

To do this Bvlgari unveiled the new Save the Children pendant. Made from sterling silver and onyx, it is inspired by the iconic BVLGARI BVLGARI collection. The pendant’s hard stone disk is ringed by the brand’s double logo and topped by a ruby from Mozambique. The pendant’s back shows the charity group’s emblem, complete with its message of hope.

The new pendant is on sale now. It costs $770, around $85 of which goes directly to Save the Children.


The pendant becomes the fourth addition to Bvlgari’s custom-made Save the Children collection. The other three pieces are silver-and-black ceramic creations inspired by the brand’s B.zero1’s design. The ring sells for $560, the bracelet for $580 and the pendant for $620. Again, around $85 taken from every purchase is channeled to the charity.

Part of Bvlgari’s 125th anniversary celebration in 2009 was committing to Save the Children’s vision of creating better opportunities for the youth. Over the last 10 years the initiative has allowed more than 1.5 million children to access quality education.

“Today, drawing inspiration from our joint past, we keep looking together to the future in the steadfast belief that education can save lives,” said Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin regarding the brand’s involvement with Save the Children.

It really is a worthy cause.


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